Hi! I’m Julia, middle name Margo,

a film school dropout and music buff who wants to make your wedding look like art. I'm here to represent diversity in the couples I work with and weddings I shoot (love is love), to give you something hyper-shareable that will instantly transport you in space and time for the rest of your lives, and to make you cry upon watching. The crying is very important. Bear with me on this analogy, but basically I like my wedding films like I like my salads: raw, organic, a little bit of quirk and flare, and consumed alongside great music. Does this sound pretty good to you? Scroll down!


A Brief History

I’ve been shooting and editing video since eighth grade, when I discovered the magical films of of Wes Anderson. From there my passions have branched out into music and writing, all colliding into a niche-obsession with short-form, music-driven, artistic and exciting videos. I love capturing candid moments, human emotion, anything colorful or on the run, and will never pass up a chance to geek out over song choices. I love being a fly on the wall on the happiest day of someone's life, I love crazy families, and most of all I love seeing stars in people's eyes. I am undeniably laid lack and a master of the steadi-cam technique while crying during vows and speeches. Special skills include flying under the radar, flying by the seat of my pants when necessary, and never missing a moment when sparks are flying.

Packages & Pricing

All of my packages come with unlimited full days of filming (in the words of Aerosmith, we don’t wanna miss a thang) and delivery of all raw HD footage. You can choose between one shooter or two shooters, one song or two songs, and add things like a two-camera cut of your vows and speeches, or a one minute ‘Love Nugget’ to share with friends and family, instagram, or both!

One shooter, one highlight (length of song), online delivery and a customized flashdrive of all raw HD footage

One shooter, extended highlight (length of two songs), a one minute Love Nugget (delivered one week after your wedding)

Two shooters, one extended highlight (length of two songs), a one minute Love Nugget, two camera cut of vows and toasts

Add ons to any package: Second Shooter, Love Nugget, Second shooter/ Two camera cut of vows and toasts

Pricing starts at $4400

Is this something you can’t afford? Talk to me, I want to know your story. I have multiple sliding scale options and three full scholarships for weddings every year. I do need to pay for things like rent, equipment and copious amounts of peppermint tea, but everyone should get to have a time capsule of one of the coolest days of their life.

Drop Me A Line!

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Partners In Crime

Hallie Sigwing is a magical photographer based out of NYC and Kansas City, Samantha Lauren, bringing you gorgeous light and color form the Upper East Side and Upstate New York, Jenny Naima, the most down to earth photographer in the tri-state area , and of course Sam Turner from BPM Events, my favorite DJ and favorite human.

Other Things I Do

Not getting married but still want a cool video? Scroll right to check out other fun stuff!!

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